Q. How much privacy do you achieve with window frosting film, can you see through the film?
A. Privacy Etch has the highest level of privacy. Images close to the opposite side that you are viewing from can be seen in a very blurred & obscured state, a shadow effect. So if someone is close to the frosted window within approx. 10cm you would see a shadow image but not the clear image. It is impossible to see through the frost film in itís solid form, hence providing 100% privacy.
Q. Can the Films be used in wet areas such as showers?
A. Our films are waterproof, but keep note that areas where water builds up such as window sills sometimes over time the water works its way under an edge of the film.
Q. How long does the frosting film last after being installed?
A. Our frosting films have a 7year guaranty from defects such as: delaminating, shrinkage, cracking and tearing. Your frosting film will last beyond this time if looked after and depending on where it has been installed. I have seen jobs we have installed 15+ years ago & they look as good as the day they were installed.
Q. Can the frosting film be removed?
A. Yes the film can be easily removed without replacing the glass & bring it back to itís original state or upgraded with a replacement film.
Q. What is your turnaround time?
A. Generally allow 5-10 working days from ordering for Plain Window Film. For emergency jobs we can come out earlier.
Allow 7-14 working days from ordering, for Custom Printed Window Film jobs.
Q. What are your payment terms and how can payment be made?
A. Full payment is required on completion of work, unless otherwise arranged.
Q. What payments methods do you offer?
Q. Your Trading Hours?
A. 7 Days a week from 8am - 6pm
Installation of film can be arranged outside of general trading hours on request.