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What is Window Frosting?
Window Frosting Uses
Window Frosting Benefits

What is Window Frosting?

Window frosting is an adhesive window film which can be applied to any smooth glass surface.

Common uses are on windows where privacy is required while maintaining natural light to the room.

Window Frosting can address overlooking & privacy issues set by your local council.

Frosting films provide privacy, security with a contemporary decorative look that has endless uses & applications.

A practical alternative to Curtains & Blinds or Factory Frosted Glass, at a fraction of the cost.

Apply solid frosting for full privacy or have a border, pattern or words cut out for partial privacy. We can also digitally print on our films with any photo or design image to create a unique decorative affect.

Decorative films are a fantastic, low cost effective way to dress up your windows and add value to your property.

Think of it as “wallpaper for windows”
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